Interview with Cedric Gracia


After his crash at the Reunion Island Megavalanche, Cedric Gracia is recovering to get the shape right in time for the beginning of 2014 season. We got the chance to have a quick chat with him about something else than bikes, such as ski touring, rally races or simply relax.

Hi Cedric, how is it going after your injury in La Reunion?
I am doing good thanks but fighting to get back in shape and trying to push little by little.

What are your race plans for 2014 season?
I am going to race the full EWS and some UCC racing, then video as much as I can.

Any DH Avalanches? Mega Alpe d’Huez??
Yes, some as long that is not conflicting with the EWS.

Let’s talk about enduro: in a your video interview released to mtb-check in January 2013, you said (jokingly?) that in 2013 season you would have also done EWS “just to teach these «ibex» – who thinks they are gods – how it goes…they will be especially happy when Peat will smash them at Mach2 speed and you can not follow him after two turns…”. What do you think after one year about enduro and enduro riders?
I was impressed of Jerome and Jared who have been really clean about everything! They are strong and fast, that’s about it. At least they are not going to the races before the event to see the stages ;-)

Tell us about your training for 2014 season. At your home there is a lot of snow now…
Yes, so far training been hard I try to recovery first, but now I feel good and I will try to smash DH run soon.

Do you think enduro races are more dangerous than DH races?
About the same but the bikes are unbelievable performing.

Which is your preferred enduro format? “Italian style” (cycled transfers) or “France Style” (lifted transfers and long descents)? Why?
French one, because you have one run to practice then flat out.

Do you think enduro will take away popularity and riders to DH like we recently see with Yeti and Richie RUDE?
I think DH is the best sport for image it’s like the F1 of biking to my eyes, Enduro is going to be more and more popular because normal people can relate to this sports, that’s it! Love DH.

After Val di Sole and La Reunion, are you going to change your approach to races?
Fuck no! Like will say Greg MINNAAR “one life”.

About Val di Sole: it will not be in WC 2014 and it seems that the DH is aiming at more “media friendly” tracks… what do you think about it?
I think it’s stupid, it’s an extreme sport and the track have to be crazy to be spectacular.

This season will see “City Downhill World Tour”: what do you think about it? Can you see a WC with one round in a city?
Will see this year, I think it’s good at least we can do something in the winter and party around the world.

You have used both 29” and 650b wheel size, which is your favourite one? Why? Do you think wheel size also depends on a biker height (you’re a big guy…) or exclusively on his riding style and typical terrain?
I like both, I spend a lot of time on my Santa Cruz LTC, it’s just a different ride from my 27,5 Bronson, in some races I know I have an advantage on 29.

You are a DVO supported rider. Are you testing something enduro specific?
This is a surprise my friend! ;-)

Thank you Cedric, see you in Italy!
See you soon guys.